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Why You Need A Coach

By Sofia Marin | In General, Optimal Performance | on November 11, 2016

Do you ever wonder if you’re doing it right? Does your fitness feel like a luck of the draw, an enigmatic triumph you can’t seem to pin down? Do you lose motivation as the season progresses? Do you feel unable to balance all of life’s priorities? Do you need a reminder that you have what it takes?

Most athletes will have answered Yes to at least a couple of these questions at some point in their athletic careers. The difference between answering Yes or No is almost always characterized by having a coach.

A skilled coach will play an essential role in helping you reach your true potential. They take out the guessing and instead offer structure, support, accountability, flexibility, guidance and so much more.

“A coach’s experience and expertise allows them to give you a program aligned with your goals. It’s a support system,” said Achieve Head Coach Dana Williams. “A coach offers a new perspective about what’s important to reach your potential.”

We break down a few of the major benefits to having a coach below:

Dana with woman athlete

✓ Support

Never to be underestimated is the role of a coach as a pillar of emotional support and inspiration to their athletes. Training day after day and experiencing the ups and downs of racing requires frequent reminders that we are on the right path and keeping things in perspective. A good coach will offer guidance and a safe place for you to share the myriad feelings that inevitably come up on and off the bike. The coach-athlete relationship relies on open communication and mutual trust.

✓ Preparation & Structure

Imagine no more speculation about your fitness. Showing up to a race feeling 100% confident in your preparation is an incredible feeling. Achieve coaches create specific training plans tailored to your goals, making the most of power data and software to analyze metrics and track progress. We can even get a clear picture of your form and fitness come race day. We’ll also help you with nutrition, tactics, handling skills and more. A structured training plan will maximize the value of your training time.

✓ Accountability & Motivation

Sometimes you may not want to train or finish that final interval, at times you’ll want to give up.  A coach will inspire you to do your best and will believe in you even if you are having trouble believing in yourself. When motivation dips, they’ll remind you of your goals and your progress thus far. They want to see you succeed and their belief in your capabilities will help you push that extra little bit. Your coach will learn when to push you and when to back off, helping avoid burnout.

✓ Life Balance

Hiring a coach means you won’t have to waste valuable time figuring out how to effectively train. That means more time for your friends, family, partner and job. The Achieve training program is known for its efficiency, yielding big gains with relatively low training time. Every year, life will throw you a few curve balls. Your coach will offer flexibility to help keep everything in balance.


“The proof is in the pudding – I’m a mid-40s woman who advanced from Cat 4 to Cat 2 in less than two years,” said Achieve Athlete Claudia Zinn. “Using a coach gives me structure and accountability. I also have more flexibility in my training than most people think. There is no way I would have had the success I’ve had on my own.”

New Racers: Don’t “Wait until you’re ready” for a coach

Coached racers keep coming back to the sport. Don’t become a part of the 45 percent. According to a recent study, 45 percent of new racers won’t continue racing after their first year. You’re never too new or too inexperienced to deserve the benefits of having a coach.

Not sure about the price? Hiring a coach is certainly an investment, but well worth it. Rather than spend money on a light-weight wheelset, your money would be better spent investing in a coach who can help you achieve tangible gains and guide you to success.


From total novice to seasoned pro, all athletes can immensely benefit from having a coach on their team. Take out the guesswork and enjoy the unconditional support and skilled guidance of a good coach. There are countless coaches and training styles out there, it’s always best to interview several different coaches and find the best fit for you.

Get out there, do your best, and see where the sport can take you.

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