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Why Achieve

There’s lots of companies and individuals offering coaching and training. You may be asking yourself ‘Why should I start to work with Achieve?’ Well, that’s a good question. The best answer I believe is to share the Achieve philosophy (what makes us different), a few testimonials from Achieve athletes and specifics on what we do to create a community of individuals who value their health, strive to do their best and like to have fun. If this fits with what you are looking for then we would love to have you as an Achieve athlete.


There are a number of different training techniques to improve cycling fitness. Achieve coaches and athletes are busy balancing family life, work and athletic goals. Following a fair amount of research and practice, Achieve found one training style to be most effective; block training. And it’s not only Achieve that prefers this style. There are many weekend warriors and elite athletes with similar time constraints and goals that use block training to achieve very high levels of success.

The ability to produce and maintain a high power output is arguably the most important physiological aspect of an endurance cyclists success. This will be referred to as maximum sustainable power output (MSPO). All other things being equal, the rider with the highest power output between point A and B will be the fastest, simply because maintaining a higher power output translates into greater speed.

Block training consists of very hard workouts for two to three consecutive days, followed by an equal amount of recovery. This facilitates physiological adaptations that lead to improved performance. The same types of workouts are performed on consecutive days of the training block to increase the training stress on the body. The theory behind block training is that overloading a single system and then allowing adequate rest causes the system to super compensate more than with traditional training strategies. Achieve has found block training to be a very effective way to increase MSPO.

Communication between athlete and coach is of utmost importance. Following a well designed program balanced with effective recovery will result in improved fitness. But there are so many other factors to achieving cycling goals than simply improved fitness. And these factors alone can not be understood without effective communication; just ask any Achieve athletes. Therefore, each Achieve athlete has a scheduled check-in call with their coach, in addition to email, text messaging and other forms of communication. We are passionate about helping our athletes achieve their goals and use these communication tools to hold our athletes accountable.


Achieve Training & Coaching offers a unique coaching experience unlike the majority of programs out there. The training you’ll receive is comprehensive and takes a multi-faceted approach to help you reach your true potential. Apart from specific and efficient on-the-bike training, athletes can see huge gains from strength training, skills building, mental toughness tools, nutrition counseling and a supportive community of fellow athletes. Open communication is an important aspect of the program and helps fortify the athlete/coach relationship for future success.
The proof is in the pudding. There is accountability with this coaching method and by simply exploring the website, you can learn about the athletes on this program and their quantifiable progress thus far. The difference between Achieve and other training programs is truly night and day. – Sofi Marin
“Whatever your goals, from increasing riding skills to expert racing, I can’t recommend Dana and his approach more strongly!   Achieve bases each person’s training program on a scientifically proven training regime, customized for the individual’s skills and goals; Dana explains in detail each stage, it’s purpose and importance, and provides regular custom feedback and updates.   The program is further enhanced with specific guidance in nutrition, hydration, cross-training and other factors that may effect performance tailored to each individual/plan and taking into account personal goals and lifestyles.    The Lecture Series, training clinics, group rides and social events complete the program and make Achieve a great program and community!” – Jennifer Sanders


Athletes will receive a periodized training program that will include easy to understand on and off the bike workouts.

It’s one thing to be a strong rider, but it’s another step up to be a great racer. Race coaching will include pre-race tactical strategies and routines, optimal warm up, when to attack during a race, feeding your body at the right time with the right quality and quantity of nutrients, post-race analysis, psychological aspects such as mental visualization, and effective recovery strategies.

Athletes and coach will communicate through scheduled calls and email.

A key aspect of performance is nutrition. Achieve coaches are not dieticians, but they will suggest nutritional guidelines, recommendations and basic plans based on what has been effective for maximizing their workouts, recovery and general daily intake.

Athletes will do field testing throughout their time with Achieve. It will be completed on roads with appropriate terrain. Further specific details will be provided by each athletes coach. Athletes will be required to have a power meter and/or heart rate monitor. This will provide important data for training program design purposes.

Riders with a power meter will upload their ride data to their Training Peaks account. Coaches will then access it and provide objective feedback to athletes related of current fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, personal bests and other facts.

Achieve will host events throughout the year for athletes, sponsors, coaches and other VIP. We recognize these will be held in locations not be easily accessible for all athletes. That said, the proven training program in combination effective communication each Achieve athlete receives is most valuable. Event benefits will be shared with all Achieve athletes. Click here to see the event schedule.

Riders will receive tips and instruction during phone or Skype calls and email (and on rides if appropriate). These will relate to shifting, braking, corning, climbing, descending, sprinting and pedalling, resulting in positive effect on performance.


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