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  • Bay Area Group Rides: The POO Ride Intro: As part of our look at Group Rides in the Bay Area, this week we look at an East Bay Classic, The Port Ride, affectionately referred to as the “POO” ride by diehards. A 2.4 mile loop on the Oakland Waterfront, under the watchful eyes of the cranes […]

  • Bay Area Group Ride Introduction

    By Eric Davis | In Bay Area Group Rides | on November 17, 2014

    Anyone who has ever plummeted down Panoramic Highway from the Pantoll Station towards Stinson Beach, wound their way through the Redwood enshrined heights of Old La Honda, or ascended Mt. Diablo on a crisp, clear Fall morning will tell you that the bike riding in the Bay Area is unlike anywhere else.  The sheer diversity of […]

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