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Meringue Surprise: Choose your Pleasure

By Dana Williams | In Healthy Recipes | on July 20, 2013

This dessert is pretty easy to make and tastes great.

1. Take two eggs and separate the yolk from the white of each.

2. Make meringue with your eggs whites. To do this, mix/whip the egg whites (quickest is with a blender) until they start to thicken. Add a little bit of sugar to sweeten to your liking, and continue to whip until the eggs whites are thick enough to form peaks. Note – the sugar is needed for thickening and browning of the finished dessert. Here’s a much more detailed article on how to make meringue: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/perfectmeringue.htm.

3. Dice up your favourite fruit and put in a bowl or plate (do not use plastic). I used organic strawberries, papaya and grapes.

4. Scoop your  meringue over your fruit.

5. Turn on your oven broiler. Slide bowl/plate with fruit and meringue into the oven so it’s around 8 inches from the flame. Cook until the meringue browns on top, as in the photo. Watch it closely in the over because it will brown quickly and then burn if left in too long.

Voila. Add a spring of mint to the top for presentation and enjoy

You may be asking yourself why I call this a Meringue Surprise? OK fine, maybe there’s a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt (chose your pleasure) under the meringue. 😀 If you cover the frozen ice cream or yogurt with the meringue, it acts as a barrier from the heat and your frozen treat doesn’t melt.


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