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Interactive Coaching – Helping you Achieve your Best

By Sofia Marin | In Athlete Interview, General, Optimal Performance | on August 26, 2016

When you think of receiving cycle coaching, what comes to mind? What do you expect from your coach and what kind of relationship do you envision?

Cycle Coaching isn’t like Other Sports


Cycle coaching is unique from other sports in that your coach isn’t with you on the sidelines during every training ride. Instead, most cycling coaches rely on creating training plans, and perhaps take advantage of software like TrainingPeaks to analyze metrics like power and heart rate data. They may also rely on post-workout comments and feedback.

But is there more to cycling performance than just completing workouts and improving fitness? We think so.

More than Just the Numbers


Coach Dana and Achieve athlete Adriano Castro ready for coffee after a dawn wake up for the Tam Slam.

Achieving your best in cycling requires more than a good training plan. We’ve found that an interactive and meaningful coach-athlete relationship is often the missing link that takes an athlete’s performance to the next level. We view coaching as a relationship, a collaborative process between two people that requires clear communication, expert guidance, and genuine compassion.

What Do you Expect from a Coach?

Is your coach clear on your goals? Are they invested in your success and well-being? Do they support you in good times and in bad? Do they believe in you even when you don’t? Do they hold you accountable and encourage you to work hard even when you’re apathetic? Can you rely on them to be compassionate no matter what? Does your coach offer you skillful feedback, analysis, and experience-based suggestions? Do they help you keep things in perspective?

As Achieve coaches, these are questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. How can I best support my athlete today?

It’s a hands-on approach to coaching and judging by athlete testimonials and the regular podiums by Achieve athletes every weekend, we think it works.

Podium COllage

Victories are a common theme for Achieve athletes across all categories.

Standard Features

  • Individualized Training Plans
  • Workout analysis and feedback

There’s More… What to expect as an Achieve Athlete

Check out the additional perks of being an Achieve athlete:

  • A coach invested in your success and overall well-being
  • Frequent Communication
    • Weekly check-in calls, daily review of your training and metrics, feedback on workouts and races, compassionate support.

Alec Diner, Cat A Cyclocross Racer & Achieve Athlete since 2014:


“When I signed up to work with Coach Ryan at Achieve I was pretty certain I’d get the performance benefits I was seeking, and I did in spades. Put simply, I got fitter than I’ve ever been and I won races.

What I got, and continue to get, that I wasn’t expecting is a coach that cares about my performance in life as much as in sport.

His sensitivity and keen intuition has allowed him to tap into to my inner workings, especially the mental side of things. I credit these qualities as the most salient to my significant recent gains in sport and perhaps in overall well-being.  

I lead a complicated and somewhat challenging existence and Coach Ryan will attest to the hurdles I’ve cleared to reach my objectives because he ‘knows me.’ The fact that I can text or email him for clarification on a workout or to bemoan a lackluster performance is icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.

  • Flexibility
    • When life throws you a curve ball, no need to worry. Coaches plan around events, work schedules and unexpected circumstances, adjusting training programs as appropriate.
  • Race Tactics & Strategy
    • Tactical advice from experienced coaches who have first-hand experience racing at the top level of the sport, doing many of the same races you do.
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Athlete Community
achieve athletes

Group rides, lecture series, clinics and events help connect Achieve athletes and build camaraderie.

  • Support for Life Balance

Aaron Glick, XC Mountain Bike & Cyclocross Racer. Achieve Athlete since 2016:

aaron glick

“A moment that stands out for me was during my first call with Coach Sofi she said something to the effect of ‘It’s not all about the numbers right?’  I think I agreed at the time but didn’t really know what she meant. I thought if only I could get my watts per kilogram to a certain point that was all I needed.

After working together, I have come to appreciate what Coach Sofi meant back then. In addition to structuring the training plan, I have really appreciated all the conversations leading up to races about strategy and tactics, as well as the post race discussions to identify what went well and what didn’t.  The support and continued adjustments to the training plan through times when I have been injured, sick or just lacking motivation have also been really helpful.

Possibly most of all I have appreciated the communication and understanding of my non-cycling life and how it impacts my training; especially when things have been tough with work or personal commitments. This understanding and accommodation has helped me to remain motivated and excited about achieving my goals even when life has prevented my from executing a ‘perfect’ training plan.”

No matter what level cyclist you are or what your goals may be, having the dedicated support and skilled guidance of a compassionate coach will make a big difference in your cycling performance. The relationship you build together can help you achieve your best, both on and off the bike. Think about what matters to you most and find a coach who is truly committed to your success and well-being.

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