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Highlights and Accomplishments for 2014 Season

By Dana Williams | In Athlete Interview, General | on October 6, 2014

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to coach all Achieve athletes. They all worked very hard throughout the 2014 season so now I’d like to take the time to acknowledge and recognize their achievements. Below is a list of athletes with their top three season highlights along with some accomplishments they didn’t necessarily anticipate.

JP Rutledge

Top 3 highlights or results
– Going to the front with 3 laps to go and still getting 3rd at Suisun Harbor Criterium
– Working hard for top spots in the Red Kite Races, and Memorial Day Crit in Morgan Hill
– Racing with my team mates and seeing them do well is awesome

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  A big standout here would be recovering and resting. Often we push too hard and never heal or reset in things we do in life. Taking a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy our efforts plays into non-race scenarios. This year I’ve learned a lot about taking it easy!

Mark Cook

Top 3 highlights or results
– 1st: Dunnigan RR (Cat 4/5 +45)- I mean holy cow, never expected that!
– Colavita GP- where I went from “happy to finish ” to “why not me?”
– Winters – seeing my son fly by in a break in the cat 3 race from the 45+4’s group and telling my group- “hey that’s my son!”. Cycling is an amazing sport in that you can compete with your kids on the same field at the same time.

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  Certainly the transition from ‘happy to finish’ to ‘I can win’ and the confidence that I could figure out how to win. I’d also say I was pretty happy I could maintain a training program without a major life schedule change. The philosophy of high intensity training in about 10 hrs a week worked really well for me.

Jeremy Dossetter

Top 3 highlights or results
– 12th at Sea Otter Classic in Cat 4 race
– 10th: Cascade Cycline Classic Time Trial
– Improving my criterium racing skills; taking more risk through corners and being not afraid to give it that little extra to move up.

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  Mind set, mind set, mind set. Sport is so cool because it challenges me to get outside of my comfort zone, to learn from failing forward, to try and try and try again and again, and then in doing so open up possibilities. I always used to think about it like a static sort of thing i.e. there’s a start and a finish. Wrong. Like life, the real meat of the fun is in the middle. That’s where it all goes down, even if it’s not pretty most of the time, which it isn’t. Cycling is about adapting and I feel like I learned to adapt not only to what was going on in races all season, but also in life. Things that used to get me super down for days now just brush off my shoulders in a few hours because I’ve recognized that tomorrow or that next race is going to come no matter what…why not embrace it for the killer day (or race) it’s going to be instead of focusing all that energy on what went wrong before? Look for the positives. The rest works itself out.

Dana Martin

Top 3 highlights or results
– Directing the team during an early season Red Kite and helping Kim get the win.
– 1st: San Ardo P12 Road Race (after 22 mile solo)
– Winning olive oil at Barriani Road Race

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  The Achieve ride clinic on the mental and physical aspects of preparing for your next race helped me remember to take time to mediate and get centered. This is so important with the information overload of today and balancing training and life.

Dean Pogni

Top 3 highlights or results
– 1st: Cal Aggie & Cherry Pie were a great way to kick off the season. It showed me that the training was paying off, and that I had a strong season ahead. Also, I won a huge pie!
– Starting the season as a cat 4 and ending as a cat 2, with time to spare. The Achieve PTC plan helped me find balance between training and resting.
– Learned how to maintain a balance with training/recovery/nutrition.

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  Racing as much as I did added a lot of structure to my life. Simple getting to a start line on time, ready to go, requires a lot of organization and planning.

Matt Adams

Top 3 highlights or results
– 1st: Sea Otter MTB XC
– 2nd: Pescadero M123 Road Race Bridging to a break in Red Kite
– 2nd: Nevada City M123 Criterium

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  this season cemented how much I love bike racing and has given me more focus going into next year.  I found some simplicity in the fact that cycling squeezed out everything else in my life except work and family so I feel like I have a more balanced, but focused life going forward.

Sofi Marin

Top 3 highlights or results
– Top 10 in San Rafael Twilight Criterium: This was unexpected. After a couple of wins under my belt from the weeks prior, I shifted my mindset from “hang on for dear life” to “try to win.” Setting higher expectations for myself reaped big rewards.
– 1st: Foothills Circuit Race
– Podium at Winters RR because it was the first time I made the selection in a somewhat hilly road race.

Accomplishments not anticipated:
–  Shifting my mindset from “hang on for dear life” to “try to win.” I learned how to integrate positive self talk in my daily life and workouts, as well as notice when I was setting invisible barriers in my workouts and races. I noticed a big leap in my performance, especially in dealing with setbacks and disappointment. I was able to stay motivated and continue working toward my goals without getting bogged down by negative interpretations of results and races.

Jeff Eisenberg

Top 3 highlights or results
– 3rd: NorCal District M45+ Criterium Championships
– Bridging to a break in Red Kite
– Picking the successful break and getting in to it at Winters

Accomplishments not anticipated:
– Much better understanding of tactics in masters racing

James Laberge

Top 3 highlights or results
– 1st: U23 US National Criterium Championship
– 1st: Chico Stage Race Circuit Race
– 4th & 6th: Tulsa Tough (NCC) Criteriums

Accomplishments not anticipated:
– Leaving my job to pursue a dream to become a professional cyclist.

Claudia Zinn

Top 3 highlights or results
– 7th: Cherry Pie Criterium – ‘my first real race. Gave me the confidence I needed to continue’
– 2nd: NCNCA District Masters Criterium – ‘raced with all categories…and kept up…and did well’
– Lodi Criterium – ‘raced with some Cat 3’s…first race where girls were attacking, and it was technical, and it was FUN’

Accomplishments not anticipated:
– ‘I never expected to be on the top 3 podium, much less win two races.’


Highlights and accomplishments from other Achieve athletes will be posted throughout the month of September. Stay tuned…

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