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Celebrating Athlete Achievements in 2016

By Sofia Marin | In General | on October 25, 2016

2016 has been a fantastic year for AchievePTC athletes! From winning local races, to riding a bike across America, to getting more fit, Achieve athletes made incredible strides and gains as they pushed and challenged themselves on their way to accomplishing their goals. And they did it all while maintaining balance in other aspects of life as well.

This week we take a moment to celebrate all the hard work our athletes put in day in day out to achieve their goals and surpass their expectations. (Scroll down to the bottom to see the stats!)

The Tally


Jesse Lash, Cat 2 Road Racer: “My biggest accomplishment this year was winning Oakland Grand Prix, the last race of the season for me, which secured my Cat 2 upgrade… I was very happy.” (photo c. Alex Chiu)


On the racing front, we’ve seen some impressive performances and improvements in race prowess. We have the pleasure of coaching athletes across several disciplines, including Road, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Triathlon and Track. Here’s what our athletes have accomplished in 2016 so far…

  • 3 U.S. National Championship Medals
  • 19 Wins
  • 50 Podiums
  • 101 Top 10 Finishes
  • 5 Category Upgrades
  • 2 NCNCA Best All Around Rider Awards

“Looking at my results really reminds me of how great of a year it was! I think I am most proud of finishing 2nd at Boggs 8-hour Solo MTB race and 5th at Sea Otter XC MTB race.” – Aaron Glick, MTB & CX Racer.

Jim Sullivan, Road Racer: “I couldn’t be happier with my results in the 2016 racing season. My goal was to gain a higher level of fitness on the bike. With the philosophy of total commitment and consistency of training, I was in my first criterium in April, placed in the 10 ten in spring, and by mid summer I had my first win the 55+ Masters race at Colavita Grand Prix. This completely shattered my expectations.”

A few of our athletes spent time traveling across the country to face off against the nation’s top talent in both UCI and Pro Road Tour events.

  • 10 UCI Races
  • 20 Pro Road Tour Races

Achieve athletes John Funke and Matt Adams take home 1 gold and 2 bronze medals at USA Cycling Masters National Championships.


Numbers don’t Lie

One way we track our athletes’ progress is through periodically testing a variety of threshold efforts. It’s a great way for both the rider and coach to identify physiological improvements throughout the season and identify areas to improve. The results can be quite inspiring.


“My top accomplishment was finishing Leadville 100 MTB race 64 minutes faster than last year (my first attempt). It was my first Big Buckle award.” – Andrew Waite, MTB Racer

To name a few other standouts, high school racer Gustavo Tagliari saw a 20% improvement in his 20-minute threshold power in just three months of training under Achieve Coaching. Sprinter Jesse Lash increased his 30-second power by a whopping 26%, winning his last race of the season to secure an upgrade to Cat 2 on the road. Meanwhile, riding to get fit and healthy, Sybil Hatch bumped up her threshold power by 19% in a little over a year of training. Impressive!

Our athletes set new personal records and cut down time on their favorite climbs and Strava segments.


Bright Chipongo, Cat 3 Road Racer won the Mt. Diablo Hill Climb (Cat 3) and placed 2nd at Red Kite Bump Circuit Race. “These were my best results and moments this 2016 season all coming from coach Dana’s training sponsorship!”


Beyond the Numbers


Becoming a better bike rider is not just about data and power improvements; it’s about feeling supported, having access to a coach’s knowledge and expertise, building experience, community and so much more.

“I’m fortunate to be coached by Ryan Moore. He has a wealth of knowledge and has really guided me, physically and emotionally through this comeback venture. I’m very appreciative of all that Achieve has done for me.” – Achieve Athlete Jim Sullivan

Several Achieve athletes come to us because they want to improve their fitness, get stronger on the bike, and improve their overall health. They work hard day after day to make big changes both on and off the bike, finding balance among training, nutrition, career, downtime and family.


Alec Dinner, Cat A Cyclocross Racer: “My biggest accomplishment was buying a house, renovating it, and moving my family to Berkeley!”


Sybil Hatch (shown above) took the plunge and completed the Race Across America, riding 3750 miles and climbing 145,000 feet in 44 days from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean.

“I can’t say enough about the support, guidance, and expertise I received from my coach, Scott Cox, and Dana Williams, founder of Achieve Training & Coaching. I truly couldn’t have ever done this without them!


Congratulations to every rider in our AchievePTC athlete community! We are proud to coach you as you strive to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Want to join the AchievePTC athlete community?

Contact Head Coach Dana Williams at: danawilliams26@gmail.com or visit achieveptc.com


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