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  • We are extremely pleased to work with TrainingPeaks and share our expert tips to help you take your crit racing to the next level. See our TrainingPeaks article written by Achieve’s Coach Sofia Marin. “Winning a criterium requires proper preparation, vigilant positioning tactics, keen attention to energy conservation, and a smart finishing strategy.” Follow this link […]

  • Post Ride/Race Recovery

    By Dana Williams | In Nutrition Tips, Optimal Performance, Race Tips | on May 8, 2016

    Introduction There is a lot of literature out there on effective recovery techniques. At Achieve Performance Training & Coaching, we focus on making sure our athletes take their recovery as serious, if not more, than their workouts. Below are some basic guidelines that every endurance athlete should know: Post Ride/Race Recovery The “Golden Recovery Window” […]

  • How many hours per week do you spend training your body? How about training your mind? Often it’s our minds, not our bodies, that will take us to the next level in athletic performance. Check out our 9 mindset and mental training techniques below and learn how to use sports psychology to improve confidence, motivation, and […]

  • Foam Rolling for Cyclists

    By Sofia Marin | In Optimal Performance | on April 8, 2016

    What’s the right way to foam roll? We’ve been getting this question a lot lately. For most cyclists, the foam roller is an essential tool for optimizing performance. No matter how much we love to hate it, the benefits of foam rolling are undeniable. In this blog, we’ll offer up tips on proper foam rolling […]

  • The Most Important Six Inches

    By Dana Williams | In General, Optimal Performance, Race Tips | on April 2, 2016

    Start with a question, “What Are The Most Important Six Inches?” Think about it as you read the following. Introduction Be careful for what you wish for, to paraphrase the old adage – for you may just get your wish. Your thoughts control your actions and your actions have direct correlation to outcomes. A strong, focused […]

  • The holidays are upon us. The time of year for celebrating with loved ones; usually served with generous amounts of food, the occasional alcoholic beverage, and often involving extensive travelling. With so many temptations and so many opportunities to indulge during the holidays, it easy for even the most stringent athlete to struggle to stay […]

  • Metabolic Efficiency….Why is it Important?

    By Dana Williams | In Optimal Performance | on November 15, 2015

    I did a metabolic efficiency test two weeks ago at Endurance Performance Training Center in Mill Valley, CA. It was my third time doing one and provided some very useful information. Seeing my results and understanding why knowing your metabolic efficiency is important for an athlete, I decided it would make for (what I hope to be) […]

  • An athlete that I coach and I were recently discussing Strava and its merits as a training tool. I’d notice that a few of his workouts were a little strange in that he seemed to be going hard between intervals, when he should have been resting. As a result, his numbers were a little lower […]

  • The Group Ride Despite the gloomy weather which accompanied us from Mill Valley to Pt. Reyes, it had been a very pleasant ride with Coach Dana Williams and a few members of the Mike’s Bikes p/b Equator Coffee cycling team. A gentlemen’s agreement had been struck early to keep the pace solidly in Z2, with […]

  • Achieve9 Training Program

    By Dana Williams | In General, Optimal Performance | on November 7, 2014

    This 9-week training program is designed to improve your cycling fitness with a structured and efficient plan. This will allow you to achieve your next cycling goal, whether it is completing a century ride, hanging on your group ride or winning your next race. Click the following video link to hear Dana Williams, the developer […]

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