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  • Meringue Surprise: Choose your Pleasure

    By Dana Williams | In Healthy Recipes | on July 20, 2013

    This dessert is pretty easy to make and tastes great. 1. Take two eggs and separate the yolk from the white of each. 2. Make meringue with your eggs whites. To do this, mix/whip the egg whites (quickest is with a blender) until they start to thicken. Add a little bit of sugar to sweeten […]

  • Fresh & Tasty Salad

    By Dana Williams | In Healthy Recipes | on April 28, 2013

    1. Cut up chunks of mango and watermelon 2. Mix with fresh organic arugula 3. Drizzled with Dana’s ‘special’ salad dressing** **Dana’s Salad Dressing includes: 1 unit extra virgin olive oil. 1 unit balsamic vinegar, 1/4 unit honey, 1/4 unit dijon mustard, 1/12 unit sesame oil, a splash of soy sauce, salt and pepper. Shake […]

  • Delightful Orzo Pasta Dish

    By Dana Williams | In Healthy Recipes | on April 18, 2013

    1. Cook orzo pasta 2. BBQ some salmon or chicken (used salmon tonight that was marinaded for 20 min in teriyaki sauce) and cut into small pieces 3. Cut organic cherry tomatoes in half 4. Chop up fresh basil 5. Mince a few cloves of garlic 6. Add all together. Sprinkle with some salt and […]

  • Quick & Yummy Homemade Pizza

    By Dana Williams | In Healthy Recipes | on April 12, 2013

    1. Buy a pre-made crust, or even easier is a pre-made basic cheese pizza 2. If you bought a pre-made crust then ¬†add tomato or pasta sauce 3. Add your favorite toppings. Mine include cooked chicken, sliced mushrooms, organic tomatoes and organic yellow peppers. The arugula is added when the pizza is cooked. 4. Sprinkle […]

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