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Big Eyes at Breakfast

By Dana Williams | In Healthy Recipes | on September 12, 2013

Here’s a healthy breakfast (or lunch) option I like to make from time to time. It’s really quick, tastes great and a nice balance of nutrients. This is how I make it:

1. Take a bell pepper (red, green, orange or yellow….no discrimination needed) and cut a flew slices that are approximately 2 cm wide. Place these in a pan over medium heat that has some coconut oil spread around the bottom of it. This keeps any food from sticking.

2. Take an egg, preferably from a chicken raised organically and cage-free, and crack one into one of the round pepper slices. Take a second egg and crack it into the other round pepper slice. Sprinkle your favor herb and/or spice on each egg. I use thyme, rosemary, sea salt and pepper. Let this cook for about 2 minutes over medium heat.

3. Place your favourite bread into a toaster and let it toast. Take an organic tomato and chop it up.

4. Add two teaspoons of water into the pan between or beside the pepper and egg combo. Place a cover on the pan and let the steam do the rest of the cooking. This is how you can cook the top of the egg without making the yolk hard. Take a peek sporadically to see how the egg is cooking.

5.  Remove your pepper and egg combo from the pan and place on your plate. Sprinkle your chopped tomato onto the egg. Add your favourite green leaf (I mix arugula and spinach) to the side of the plate.


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