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Bay Area Group Rides Summary

By Sofia Marin | In Bay Area Group Rides | on September 16, 2016

For many of us, the off-season is approaching and it’s all about going out and having fun on our bikes! Group rides are a great way to maintain fitness, get to know your local cycling community, and improve group riding skills. There are plenty of group rides to enjoy here in the Bay Area, some of which have been occurring for decades! We’ve compiled a small list of fantastic rides in the area. Take a look:


Chicken Ride

Meet: End of Mill Valley Bike Path at Blithedale

When: Fridays 7:05 AM – roll out at 7:10 AM sharp.

Route: Reverse Paradise Loop race ride

The Scoop: Achieve Blog Chicken Ride

Divine Ride

Meet: Fairfax, Java Hut (beside Good Earth)

When: Wednesdays 9:15 AM & Sundays 10 AM

Route (Wednesday): Pt Reyes Short Loop: Fairfax-Nicasio-Pt Reyes-Bear Valley Rd-Sir Francis Drake Blvd; or Marshall Wall Long Loop

Route (Sunday): Reverse Loop: Sir Francis Drake Blvd-Olema-Bear Valley Rd-Pt Reyes-Nicasio

The Scoop: Achieve Blog Divine Ride

Roasters Ride

Meet: Golden Gate Bridge South Side/South Parking Lot; or Fairfax Java Hut/Good Earth

When: Saturdays 8 AM (GGB meet up); 9 AM (Fairfax Java Hut/Good Earth pick up)

Route: Fairfax-Nicasio-Pt Reyes-Bear Valley Rd-Sir Francis Drake Blvd

Scotty’s Ride

Meet: Golden Gate Bridge South Side Pavilion

When: Saturdays 8:30 AM

Route: Fairfax-Nicasio-Pt Reyes-return along coastal HWY 1 (Same loop as the 8 AM Roasters Ride)

The Scoop: Friendly ride, social pace, stops at Bovine Bakery in Pt. Reyes Station

Tam Slam

Meet: Golden Gate Bridge South Side Pavilion

When: Once a month; 5:45 AM

Route: GGB-Sausalito-Mill Valley-East Peak-Tam Jct-GGB

The Scoop: Race ride up Mt. Tamalpais, albeit with a reasonable pace leading up to the base of the climb. Contact dwilliams{at}achieveptc.com for dates

Fat Cake Club Ride

Meet: Golden Gate Bridge South Side Pavilion

When: Tuesdays 6:15 AM; Thursdays 6:15 AM (Location varies, check Strava page)

Route: Hawk Hill Headlands Loop

The Scoop: Follow Fat Cake on Strava for up-to-date info.

Park Ride

Meet: Golden Gate Park at Crossover Dr. & Transverse Dr.

When: Tuesdays 6 PM (April-September)

Route: 2.4 mile circuit around Golden Gate Park with two sprints per lap for a duration of 7 laps

The Scoop: Race ride that simulates a criterium/circuit race

Col du Pantoll

Meet: Mike’s Bikes of Sausalito

When: Wednesdays 5:45 PM (Spring to Fall)

Route: Out to the Coast via HWY 1, up Panoramic to Mt. Tam, returning to Mike’s Bikes Sausalito

The Scoop: An organized, spirited group ride with multiple groups. Choose to ride with the A, B, or C group depending on your speed/abilities. D group takes a dirt route. On the last Wednesday of every month there is a post-ride bbq at the bike shop. More details on the Mike’s Bikes site.


Meet: Ritual Roasters (SF mission) or Philz Coffee (SF) (Join SF2G Google group for up-to-date info)

When: Monday-Friday, 6:30 AM (Join SF2G Google group for up-to-date info)

Route: San Francisco south down the Peninsula to Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and all parts in between. Typically 3 route options: Bayway, Skyline or Half Moon Bay

The Scoop: Open to all, a commuter ride heading south down the Peninsula with varying routes and speed options. More info on the SF2G site.

Rapha Club Ride

Meet: Rapha Cycle Club, San Francisco

When: Saturdays 8 AM

Route: Route Varies, however always heads over Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County, sometimes ventures off-road. 40-70 miles

The Scoop: Spirited ride with multiple re-groups. More info here.

Stammtische Ride

Meet: Rapha Cycle Club, San Francisco. Ends at Biergarten.

When: Thursdays 6 PM (Spring to Summer)

Route: Often city loops or headlands, 1-2 hours

The Scoop: Fun, somewhat exploratory rides that always end with beer.


POO Ride – Port of Oakland

Meet: Port of Oakland (Maritime, Middle Harbor, and 7th in the Port of Oakland)

When: Tuesdays 6:30 PM (5:30 PM during winter)

Wednesdays 6:30 PM. POO-Lite (5:30 PM during winter)

Route: Port of Oakland 2.5 mile clockwise loop on repeat, simulating a criterium

The Scoop: Achieve Blog POO Ride

HOP Ride – House of Pain Ride

Meet: Peet’s Coffee Danville

When: Saturday Mornings

9 AM HOP Original

9:05 AM HOP Medium

9:10 AM HOP Lite

The Scoop: Have your pick of pace among the HOP Lite, HOP Medium or HOP original groups. HOP Original is an all out race ride, no waiting up for dropped riders or mechanicals. HOP Lite offers a steady pace, no attacking and a couple of regroups. HOP Medium is a spirited ride somewhere between the two.

Berkeley Bike Club Tuesday Night Ride

Meet: Domingo Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley

When: Tuesdays 5:30 PM (Spring/Summer)

Route: Redwood Loop

The Scoop: 1.5-2 hour fast-paced group ride

Domingo Peet’s Ride

Meet: Domingo Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley

When: Wednesdays 7 AM

Route: Redwood Loop

The Scoop: Led by Berkeley Bike Club,  30-35 mile Berkeley Hills loop at moderate pace

Bakery Ride

Meet: Peet’s Coffee Danville

When: Wednesdays 9 AM

Route: n/a

Additional East Bay Ride Resources here.


Spectrum Ride

Meet: Sunnyvale Starbucks, corner of Hollenbeck & Homestead

When: Saturdays 9 AM

Route: Portola Valley-Woodside-HWY 92-Return

The Scoop: All out race ride with no stopping for dropped riders. Follow Spectrum Ride on Facebook for more info.

Stahl Ride

Meet: Peet’s Coffee, Los Altos

When: Wednesdays 9 AM

Route: 3-5 hours, changes weekly. Typically Old La Honda-HWY 84-Pescadero-HWY 9-Basin-Return

The Scoop: Relaxed, controlled group ride for all abilities, frequent food/drink breaks and waiting for others.

Noon Ride

Meet: Palo Alto, at the dead-end at Old Page Mill Road

When: Monday-Friday 12 noon

Route: Changes daily

The Scoop: Lunch ride at a quick clip, no waiting up for dropped riders. Join the Noon Ride Facebook group for more info.

Egan Ride

Meet: Egan Middle School, Los Altos

When: Tuesdays 6 PM (during daylight savings time)

Route: Varies. Includes hill intervals/hard efforts.

The Scoop: More details can be found here.

A Word of Caution: Be sure you are aware of state laws regarding cycling before heading out on a group ride. Safety and following the local laws is always more important than ‘winning’ a group ride.

Please respect each group ride and what they offer. Be sure to ask a seasoned regular about specific ride etiquette and rules so that everyone can help make the ride enjoyable and predictable for all.

Have a favorite Bay Area group ride we haven’t included in our list? Share details in the comments.

Happy cycling!

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  • Tim Wilson says:

    January 21, 2019 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    Ummm… your South Bay rides links to the LA (as in Los Angeles) South Bay rides!!

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