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Bay Area Group Ride Introduction

By Eric Davis | In Bay Area Group Rides | on November 17, 2014

Anyone who has ever plummeted down Panoramic Highway from the Pantoll Station towards Stinson Beach, wound their way through the Redwood enshrined heights of Old La Honda, or ascended Mt. Diablo on a crisp, clear Fall morning will tell you that the bike riding in the Bay Area is unlike anywhere else.  The sheer diversity of terrain and a nearly equal number of microclimates provide ample training grounds for the specialist and all-rounder, alike.

It should only follow that with such great terrain to ride in, we should also have an abundance of group riding available to us, on any give day throughout the year:  Spectrum, PoO, Scotty’s ride- these are just a few of the NorCal classics. Over at NorCal Cycling News they have a great list of group rides while, not exhaustive, is a great resource for any rider looking to join in on the fun.

Inspired by this list, we at Achieve PTC decided to hit the road and experience these rides for ourselves. Join Coach Dana, Coach Ryan, myself (Eric Davis) and Achieve athletes over the next few weeks as we experience them firsthand.  We’ve enlisted a group of local experts to give us the inside dope on some of the more well-known rides (For example, ever wonder where the best to attack during the Valley Ride?).

Hope to see you out there.

Stay tuned.

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