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Achieve Coaches Share Gratitude

By Sofia Marin | In General, Nutrition Tips | on November 23, 2016

It’s nearly time for the holidays.  While for many it can be a busy time of year, we thought we’d take a moment to slow down and give thanks. We asked each of the AchievePTC coaches to tell us what they love most about coaching and share any tips they find useful to experience more gratitude in daily life. Plus, we offer tips on how to eat smart during the holidays.


What do you find most fulfilling about being a cycling coach?

Coach Dana Williams:

“The aspect I find most fulfilling about being a coach is helping and supporting my athletes along their journey to reaching their goals. It’s exhilarating when their actions show they understand the changes I’ve been trying to make happen.”

Coach Sofia Marin:

“The coach-athlete bond is really special. There are several aspects of coaching I really appreciate, but one thing I find very fulfilling is watching an athlete grow and blossom through the challenges of sport. It’s really wonderful to witness an athlete’s psychological transformation process. Typically, a lot of athletes come into sport with mental barriers or self-limiting beliefs. Part of my job is to hold hope for athletes and believe in them even when they don’t fully believe in themselves. I like to offer tools and perspectives to my athletes that help them feel empowered and capable of reaching their true potential. Seeing an athlete slowly shed self-doubt and learn to truly believe in themselves and trust the process is such a special thing to be a part of.”

Coach Ryan Moore:

“There are many facets from coaching that I can draw gratitude from. One of the biggest aspects that comes to mind is how amazing it is to have the opportunity to have impactful relationships. With cycling, there are many parallels to real life. Over the years I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons, some of them the hard way, so being able to use that experience to help out people I care about is deeply rewarding.


Top Tips to Feeling More Gratitude

Coach Ryan:

Gratitude countdown on my fingers. Hold up all ten fingers and count down 10 things you’re grateful for. It helps you understand that no matter what is going on around you, there’s always something you’re privileged to have. It can be anything: your pillow being soft, or your groceries in the fridge, or your health or loved ones. Small things or big things, it all works. Just make sure you’re really considering and thinking about what each topic means to you rather than just rattling things off.  It’s also super effective if you’re having trouble sleeping. Do it in bed and more often than not you’ll be asleep before you get to the second hand, and if not you’ll be more at ease and in a better mental space at the very least.

Coach Dana:

Keep your current situation in perspective and be aware that we have a choice every second of every day to create positive or negative thoughts.

Coach Sofi:

I find meditation to be a transformative practice that helps me slow down and check in with myself to see how I’m feeling and what I need. By relaxing into the present moment, I learn to accept where I’m at and notice what is good in my life.  Gratitude is often a natural byproduct of meditation. I also find it really grounding and I even do a mini-meditation before races to calm nerves and help me focus. I suggest starting with just 5 minutes a day of deep breathing, mindfulness or loving-kindness meditation. Headspace is a really useful app to start with.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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