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Coach Ryan Moore

Improve your cycling fitness and become a better bike racer

Experienced cycling coach and master bike fitter, Ryan initially got into the world of cycling simply by having an alternative mode of getting around town and getting to and from work. Within a few months he was riding his fixed gear up Mt. Diablo and riding from Pleasant Hill to Oakland and back on the weekends. He was hooked!

It wasn’t long before he got his first ‘geared’ bike and began racing local cyclocross races with his best friends’ who had also just “graduated’ from fixies. After two seasons of cross, he started trying his hand at some local crits in the spring time. He upgraded pretty quickly to Cat A, and after racing a couple more seasons of cross racing, he decided to focus solely on road racing. He raced road for 10 years, and from 2016-2018 as a CAT 1 for a domestic elite squad, racing primarily NRC and UCI stage races.

Since the end of 2018, Ryan has transitioned his focus to balancing a career as a coach and bike fitter with being a dad and supporting a family. 

“Ryan has the racing experience combined with coaching knowledge to make you faster and win more races. The tactical advice and race specific planning he has done with me have worked wonders. His training plans are focused and customized to my daily schedule. An awesome guy and an awesome coach!” -N Malloy

“Life can get in the way of training and vice versa. Ryan has helped me keep focus despite all the inevitable obstacles you encounter when you’re trying to get faster. He’s helped me as much with the mental aspect of training and racing as the physical. He’s helped keep my workouts fresh and interesting and has tailored them to my sporadic schedule. Most importantly, he listens to me and my goals, like enjoying riding my bike. Happy watts are a lot easier than sad watts as he says. ” -R Rinn

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