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Achieve Athletes

William Stark

Currently live in:

Tiburon, CA

Achieve athlete since:

August 2014

Top accomplishments and/or results since being an Achieve athlete are:

Improving my fitness to be able to be competitive at the District Criterium 13-14 year old Championship race.

The best part about being an Achieve athlete is:

Having a program to follow and riding with my coach.

The aspect I like most about cycling and/or racing is:

Cycling has made me stronger and faster on and off the bike. I like to take on challenges and prove to myself I can do them. I feel great after a ride.

My favourite bike is:

TIME ZXRS. It is the best TIME bike and they are my team sponsor.

The cycling/sporting accomplishment I’m most proud of is:

Climbing to the top of Mount Tam from Bolinas, 5100 feet of climbing and my 74 mile ride.

If I could be one animal I would be a:

I would be a wolf cause I like being in a pack but I also like being an individual.

Of the following three facts, two are true and one is false:

I have lived in Miami, Boston, and San Francisco.
I speak English, French and Spanish.
I play the piano.

My goals for the 2014 season include:

1. Being able to be in the front peloton in all criterium races.
2. Get enough race points to advance to Category 3
3. Improve power scores to at least Cat 3 scores (chart)
4. Be able to ride a century
5. Go to Nationals next summer

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