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Achieve Athletes

Dylan Johnson

Currently live in:

Boulder CO

Achieve athlete since:

February 2015

Top accomplishments and/or results since being an Achieve athlete are:

Finishing the Chico stages race and putting in a good TT time.

The best part about being an Achieve athlete is:

Being of healthy body and mind and achieving my goals.

The aspect I like most about cycling and/or racing is:

For me cycling is a lifestyle. It just crept up on me and one day I decided I couldn’t do without it. I like the sound tires make on smooth tarmac, the smell of the eucalyptus trees, the views , the fresh air, the people and the tired legs at the end of a long day.

My favourite bike is:

Specialized Venge

The cycling/sporting accomplishment I’m most proud of is:

Having the confidence and skills to take the corners just that little bit faster every time around.

If I could be one animal I would be a:

Probably a great white only because they have a pretty good chance of not being hit by a car or eaten by something else.

Of the following three facts, two are true and one is false:

I love Marmite.
I can’t swim
I cook a mean curry.

My goals for the upcoming season include:

Get back to 305W FTP
Become a faster climber
Maintain a healthy lifestyle via good nutrition to support riding and climbing
Do the 205km / 4000m Mt Events loop in June


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