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Achieve Athletes

Andrew Waite

Currently live in:

Novato, CA

Achieve athlete since:

April 2015

Top accomplishments and/or results since being an Achieve athlete are:

finishing my first endurance mountain bike race (Tahoe Trails 100), which was also my first race ever.

The best part about being an Achieve athlete is:

the guidance from coach Dana has made a huge difference in my performance, preparation and overall fitness.

The aspect I like most about cycling and/or racing is:

being outside and a sense of accomplishment.

My favourite bike is:

my current and only bike, Santa Cruz 5010. I enjoy the bike’s ability to climb while also being soft enough to eat anything I’ve thrown at it.

The cycling/sporting accomplishment I’m most proud of is:

climbing Downieville to Packer saddle (4k ft over 17 miles) almost an hour faster than I did 14 years earlier.

If I could be one animal I would be a:

a horse because they have better access to the trails in Marin than I do on my mountain bike.

Of the following three facts, two are true and one is false:

1) My left foot is bigger than my right foot.
2) I was an extra in two eighties movies
3) I rode in the pace car of the Indy 500 during the parade.

My goals for the upcoming season include:

Finish the Leadville 100 in less than 9 hours
Climb Big Rock ridge in under 50 minutes this year (current PR is 55mins)


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