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Achieve Athletes

Adriano Castro

Currently live in:

San Francisco, CA

Achieve athlete since:

December 2014

Top accomplishments and/or results since being an Achieve athlete are:

Ask me again in a year.

The best part about being an Achieve athlete is:


The aspect I like most about cycling and/or racing is:

“The gyroscopic effect of the bicycle wheel is nothing short of amazing. Anytime I feel off kilter, a bike ride always sets me right.” – Yehuda Moon

My favourite bike is:

I love all my bikes the same.

The cycling/sporting accomplishment I’m most proud of is:

Finishing top 5 in 7 out of 8 races in 2014, including a cat 4 win at Winters.

If I could be one animal I would be a:

I am an animal.

Of the following three facts, two are true and one is false:

I was born in England.
I once slept for a whole day.
I broke a rib by falling on top of a traffic cone.

My goals for the 2014 season include:

Consistently finish in the top 10-15.
Get two top-3 finishes.
Contest a top-3 at a Mike’s Bikes Col du Pantoll.
Win a Chicken ride.
Win a Roasters ride.


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