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7 Reasons Why Athletes Should Cleanse with Isagenix

By Dana Williams | In Nutrition Tips, Optimal Performance | on April 20, 2013

1. Boost your energy without harsh stimulants!  The unique ingredients deliver an array of energy-reviving nutrients that results in a safe and all natural energy boost.

2. Speed Up Recovery Time!  The Whey Protein helps the body recover by building up protein and amino acids in the muscles.

3. Enhances Mental Activity! Many athletes report better mental focus, concentration, energy and endurance.

4. Balances Appetite! High quality Isagenix whey protein helps support weight loss by curbing hunger and keeping you satisfied longer. It also helps support muscle maintenance.

5. Protects Cells! Isagenix products deliver potent antioxidant nutrients that protect the body’s cells, tissues and organs. This allows the body to function at its optimal capacity for more intense training.

6. Improved Immune Function! The unique nutrient profile of Isagenix products supports improved immunity, which is crucial for intensely training athletes.

7.  Natural and Clean!  No artifical ingredients and use only the highest quality nutrients for optimal athletic performance. Isagenix uses ingredients from nature which are triple-standardized to ensure purity and safety.

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