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2018 Athlete Achievements

By Sofia Marin | In General, INSCYD | on September 28, 2018

It’s that time of year.  The road racing and mountain bike seasons are coming to a close and many of our athletes are taking a well-earned rest from racing and training.

And while several Achieve athletes are looking ahead to the upcoming season of cyclocross, it’s important to take a moment to reflect back and recognize all of the incredible accomplishments our athletes have achieved in 2018!

From winning local races to completing their first gran fondo, Achieve athletes made fantastic strides as they pushed and challenged themselves on their way to accomplishing their goals. Even more impressive, they did it while maintaining a sustainable life balance.

This month, we celebrate our athlete successes in 2018!


The Tally:

Us coaches have a wonderful opportunity to work across disciplines, coaching Road, Mountain Bike, Track and Cyclocross racers.

Here’s what our riders have accomplished in 2018 thus far…

1 NCNCA Best All Around Rider Winner

16 Victories

40 Podiums

71 Top 10s

4 Category Upgrades

1 week-long Bike Tour through Eastern Oregon

2 USA Fat Bike National Championship Top 5’s

1 District Team Pursuit Championship Title

21 INSCYD Metabolic Tests Analyzed

1 USA Cyclocross National Championship Top 10


Haley Nielsen, Cat 2 Road & Track Racer:

“My top accomplishments this season include placing 2nd in my first race as a Cat 2 and hitting a peak power of over 1000 watts, which was a goal for next season!”


Trevor Gilmore, Cat 3 Road Racer:

“This year I hit a 1-minute power record of 811 watts on Red Bull Hill Climb, got a Strava Top 10 on the Hawk Hill Segment (6:22 min), and continued getting valuable race experience and helping my team podium numerous races.”


It’s all in the numbers

Every year, we see big improvements in our athletes’ Functional Threshold Power (FTP). It’s common to see jumps of 10% improvement in rider’s FTP’s, and occasionally we see even greater gains. One standout example is Cat 3 road racer Rafael Garcia who had a 25% jump in his threshold power!


INSCYD testing yields big gains

2018 also marked the first year Achieve started implementing and offering INSCYD metabolic testing for our athletes. The testing allows both athlete and coach to identify a rider’s full metabolic profile including VO2 Max, Anaerobic Threshold, FatMax and VLa Max.

Cat 4 road racer Marco Lei saw massive gains in both his VO2 Max and Anaerobic Threshold after taking the INSCYD test. Via specified training suited to his metabolic capabilities, Marco saw a 16% jump in his anaerobic threshold power. Plus, he lifted his VO2 Max by an impressive 8% in just a few months!


Marco Lei, Cat 4 Road Racer:

The first time I took the INSCYD test was in the beginning of March 2018. From the test results, Coach Sofi and I we are able to pinpoint the areas that need further development and tailored our training plan to meet those goals.

Since the test, my power output and VO2 max have shown significant improvement and the peak wattage continues to increase.I am more motivated as the results continue to show.”


Success as Development

Becoming a better bike rider is not just about data and power improvements, it’s about building experience and developing as a rider, learning how to listen to your body, understanding nutrition, developing race strategy, riding as a team, feeling supported and so much more.


Bright Chipongo, 2015 Zimbabwe National Road Champion:

“This year I have a number of things that I,m happy about. I had a chance to race in Belgium for 8 weeks. I didn’t get any good results; I was always chasing the group because of the high level of competition out there.

After some tips and discussions with Coach Dana, I was getting better. Instead of lasting for only 1 lap, at one point I stayed in the race for over an hour. The experience opened my eyes about where I need to be physically and mentally.”


Achieve and Sunpower Cycling athlete Erik Schiller honed his race strategy and tactics this year as a new Cat 2 racing in the P/1/2 field. In this informative race recap, Erik explains how he put everything together to clinch his first P1/2 victory at Red Kite Crit.


Veronica Volok, Fixed Crit and Cat 3 Road Racer:

“Attacking on the 2nd to last lap at the Oakland Grand Prix in the W 1/2/3 race. I made my move on the uphill part of the course when the pack was together and quiet. I came from the back and sprinted past, which caught everyone off guard. This gave my teammate Haley Nielsen an opportunity to position herself for the final lap and finish in 2nd place. Mission accomplished.”


Life Balance

In addition to cycling, athletes must also balance full-time jobs, family life and maintain joy for the sport. A few athletes experienced big milestones in their lives this year, including Rafael Garcia and his wife who saw the birth of their first son, Oli. While Stuart Watson and his wife bought their first home together and adopted a new puppy.

Cycling Tour: Chris Burger completed a 7-day bike tour in Eastern Oregon, while Erik Schiller capped off the season with a “Tour de Brewery” cycling adventure. 


Congratulations to our Achieve athlete community! We are proud to coach you as you work diligently to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Want to join the AchievePTC athlete community?

Contact Head Coach Dana Williams at: danawilliams26@gmail.com or visit achieveptc.com


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